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Our paradise in your area

Villas B35/B36

Resort Marina Oolderhuuske

Roermond - Niederlande (Limburg)


we also rent to groups for family gatherings or small parties 1-12 people!





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Villas B35/B36


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Object Description

Fantastic house with views of the Maas and the Zuidplas (lake)
The paradise has a name and it's not even that far away.
Right on the water is a perfect holiday resort for young and old.

Resort Marina Oolderhuuske

Here you can relax, children still run free and let play carefree on the countless game devices. Depending on the weather you can rent a boat, or simply cheer only the fireplace and spend some pleasant barbecue evenings. And if all that is not enough, just go in the hotel's swimming pool after extensive sauna, or steam room, relaxing swim a few laps. Also, the air-conditioned gym offers for every athlete to train his muscles again or playing the existing tennis court.

The offered objects are two contiguous semi-detached houses with fantastic views of the lake and the green in front of the terrace.
On the ground level you can sit in front of or behind the house depending on the sun position. This level holds ready an open and fully equipped kitchen and spacious living areas. A guest room, a guest toilet and a separate outdoor Laube for bicycles are also at the ground floor. The spacious terrace or winter garden are with open grill completes this area.

Upstairs, the modern bathroom is with open shower, another guest room and a large bedroom with sun terrace.

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